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Posted by on Monday, January 17th, 2011

The world is in desperate need of leaders. Many have tried for just to be a repetition of somebody else or eaten up by the natural form of greed built into each and everybody.

But where will we then see our new leaders. Leaders with a vision we want to follow and not just money, power, network or the right experience and education. No, a compelling vision and future, that is what people wants to follow and what makes the leaders of tomorrow.

There is a lot of tendencies at the moment where to look for these leaders both in the business world, sport, spiritual or many other “worlds”, but one thing I have been giving some thought the last weeks is the development of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) within organisations and companies. Some just call it a business trend, other an extended version of HR or simply a smart marketing tool for the companies. Which one that is true, – if not all of them is impossible to answer, because of the different structure and ideas behind each company.

Although one thing is for sure, that the development of CSR is still relatively new for a lot of companies. – Which in my opinion is the main reason, why it still has its own term and is not built into the corporate politics with bigger budget and consequences? – By giving it its own term, it can have its own life.

A great consequence, because it gives a lot of unseen and unexploited possibilities and opportunities, because until now the common thing have been that each company have their own CSR politics, some more serious than other, but compare that to a early product launch of a new kind of products, that is new to the market, – same deal same strategy. What normal gives products a lot of value and a good takeoff, is when they find their market and partners in the market, so products gets a form of corporation with different brands (Chips and Coke (CC), Coffee and Cigarettes (CC) etc.) – In other terms they obtain a good match and penetration into the market among its customers and companies, which each brings something good to the table!

The same opportunity exists for the CSR politics. Companies can work and corporate more about a common CSR politics in combination with different products, services or whatever support the vision and goal within each company. Instead of making a half hearted CSR politic because it is the new thing to do, with an underlining purpose of some contribution to something, or what some people will call buying some cheap point with the customer.

Like buying a “ticket” to get free of you guild – like the Catholics have done in centuries and some still does! Handle this as any other product launch and work together about it and let companies and people work together about bigger things and visions. In a world with the degree of transparency as we have, companies and leaders of the new business world, who do this, will win not only the market but also people’s heart. – Because their does not exist any spiritual and organisational direction only a human orientation and direction. Win the heart of the people through a bigger vision and direction that is the key for tomorrow’s leaders and business, well supported by terms and trends like the CSR.

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Kim Kampp

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