Are we all dictators

Posted by on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Who is right, who is best, what is right and what system is best?

The world is changing rapidly, ranging from the political scene to the financial and not only in the western world but just as much in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

But do we let ourselves be guided by – a system or the system. There is a big difference in the way of thinking! We think of our own or others’ system as the only one, and why does that make a problem. Many of us are not aware of this problem, because we are part of the system, and we only see it as a problem when or if we are not a part of it. Confused. let me illustrate it with some examples:

The ultimate system – You must think like that!

It may be our Western world, helping other countries out of their dictatorial system, by paradoxically imposes them our form of democratic governance – and demand a new way of thinking. Although they do not think like that, because there has been no tradition of that in country. They often have to trust their local clans, and now they have to have confidence in a national society, they do not know or only had very bad experiences with.

Or it may be the Arab man who feels trapped in his own country and the system because he idolizes a western system. Or the euro man, who feels trapped in his own world and culture that is characterized by democratic tendencies, where everything must be discussed, twisted and turned around without major visible progress, as a contrast to Asia.

From the political scene this paradox can be drawn all the way down to the level of the family, where the wealthy teenage daughter inexplicably begins an abuse. Harming her self, or worse, because she does not feel she fits in, or have access to the world and system, which she chose to favor, because it has been proclaimed as the ultimate. Or the young rebellious boys from the cities or foreign cultures that do not feel at home anywhere and therefore make their own rules and systems often influenced and inspired by strong personalities from the religious, fundamentalist or criminal world, which also impose their systems for more or less resourceful personalities.

When we base our world on a definitive system and impose other so. What happens is that we are forcing our own, our children or others’ personal development, either through force or abundance of things to help them manifest themselves, which creates an empty and unhappy life. Or we let ourselves prisoner in a world that is not good enough because we favor a second and definitive system

Integration and facilitating

We as people must all undergo a personal development with different values, expressed in various forms of mindsets or consciousnesses. – Try only to think of how you behaved yourself and thought 10-15 years ago. It is a natural and important process for us as human beings, which justifies that facilitating each other’s ways of thinking rather than to impose our ways and systems. It addresses the development of society, people and our selves, which is done differently and therefore should be treated differently and ultimately integrated instead of systematized.

Until we become aware of this, we can only see what is good and bad, and not integrate and enrich our own and others’ development both for our own society, system, and the world we live in.

In the hope of a better world
Kim Kampp

Do you live by a system og the system

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